1. Christmas Opening Times

    Christmas Opening Times

    Christmas 2019

    In the run-up to Christmas this year, we will largely run business as usual with a few exceptions.

    • Deliveries will be made by our trucks, couriers and freight on Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th.
    • Customer collections from the depots are available on Monday 16th, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th ONLY.
    • The office and all depots will be closed from Monday 23rd December 2019 until 2nd January 2020.

    First issue of Surface News...

    Request your copy of our first ever newsletter to find out what's gone on at Drainfast this year and the exciting times ahead! Simply email us your address to and we will send you one in the post.

    We have had a busy year with lots of changes internally and externally. Drainfast is looking forward to a new year with new projects about to

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  2. Behind the scenes with Frost Drainage

    Behind the scenes with Frost Drainage

    Trevor JamesThis month we’re going behind the scenes, to speak to Trevor James, Operations Director about the Frost Drainage brand. Relatively new to the Drainfast business, Frost offers exciting potential for both the Drainfast business and its customers.


    Why did Drainfast buy the Frost brand?

    The Frost brand goes back some 40 years, some of you will remember it from the days when it was the leading drainage brand in the industry. The Frost brand has a strong heritage as a trusted British brand, synonymous with quality and simplicity. Here at Drainfast we are constantly looking for opportunities to meet customer needs so when we heard that F.C Frost was for sale, we knew there was an opportunity worth taking. The Frost brand and products complement well our overall business mission of ‘removing the frustrations faced by our customers’.


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  3. Introducing Vision Drainage

    Vision Drainage

    This month we’re celebrating the launch of Vision Drainage – our new, exclusive range of underground drainage and underground sewer products. Vision Drainage is the latest addition to the Vision portfolio of products, joining our popular free take-off service, Vision Plan and our geotextiles product, Vision Geo.


    Here’s Luke, one of our Account Managers here at Drainfast, to share more about the new Vision Drainage range.



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  4. Can you dig it? Yes you can! Shining a Light on the Humble Shovel

    Shovel by Courtney NashAny groundworker will know that even in these days of mechanical diggers, the humble shovel is still an invaluable tool for digging into the ground, moving earth and scooping up debris. 

    Part of the fabric of any building site, they are not an item that gets much attention – but at Drainfast we felt they deserved to shine.

    Humans have been moving earth since Neolithic times. Evidence of this comes from animal shoulder blade bones found at various archaeological sites with tell-tale wear-and-tear. They may have been attached to a wooden handle which of course has long since rotted away.

    Ancient Romans – with their knowledge of how to work metal and the desire to build – moved shovel design on to be more in keeping with what we use today. Metal and wood pro

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  5. Celebrating World Art Day with Manhole Covers

    Japanese manhole cover

    Everyone is familiar with manhole covers. An intrinsic part of the patchwork of every village, town and city, we played around and on them as children and recognise the distinctive sound of someone walking or driving over them.  But how often do we actually notice them? They are a frequently-overlooked part of the fabric of our environments, but on closer inspection, they have an inherent beauty all of their own.

    Perhaps here at Drainfast we notice them more than most due to the nature of our work but we can thoroughly recommend taking a look down at what is under your feet every day – you may find some unexpected surprises!


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  6. The Ultimate Builder’s Bucket List

    The Ultimate Builder’s Bucket List

    By now, everyone has become familiar with the term ‘bucket list’ – a phrase used to describe a collection of experiences you want to try before you die. For this month, we’ve put together this fun list of life-enhancing activities to stimulate your imagination. Which will make YOUR bucket list?


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  7. Underground Creatures: Myths and Legends of Earth Dwellers

    Underground Creatures: Myths and Legends of Earth Dwellers

    What unusual earth dwellers might a Groundworker come across?

    The Knockers

    These little people are well known to the Welsh, Cornish and Devon folk, especially the miners.

    They’re about two feet tall and they live underground. Rare sightings report that the Knockers often wear miner’s gear and they are responsible for random mischief such as stealing unattended tools, food and clothing.

    Their name comes from the knocking sounds that echo around a mine just before a cave-in. Whether the Knockers were warning about the imminent cave-in or causing it by knocking on the walls and supports is unknown. But the Cornish tin miners were sure that the Knockers were the spirits of deceased miners killed in previous accidents and the knocking was a warning to get out!

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  8. Construction Worker Gift Ideas – Cool & Useful Solutions for the Hard to Buy For

    Construction Worker Gift Ideas – Cool & Useful Solutions for the Hard to Buy For

    Stuck for gift ideas or feel like giving yourself a treat? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

    Here’s some stocking filler solutions anyone in construction would be pleased to receive.

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  9. 5 Top Construction Simulator Games

    5 Top Construction Simulator Games

    Ever fancied driving a bulldozer, building on the moon or creating a high security prison from scratch? With the latest construction simulator games you’re no longer restricted to the projects of your day job! Take a look at these brilliant construction simulators and see what you could create.

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  10. “That’s F for Freddie, A for Apple, S for Sugar, T for Tango.”

    “That’s F for Freddie, A for Apple, S for Sugar, T for Tango.”

    Ever heard, or had a phone conversation like that? Of course you have. But where did all those “S for sugar” terms come from?

    At Drainfast, we spend a lot of time talking to our customers over the phone. One thing we need to get right when taking an order is details such as postcodes and product codes. We often use the phonetic alphabet to make the pronunciation of similar sounding letters such as S and F distinctively clear to those we’re speaking to. But how did the phonetic alphabet all start?

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