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  1. How to improve drainage in the garden

    How to improve drainage in the garden
    During the summer months (and sometimes all year round too), many of us want our gardens in tip-top condition, ready for an influx of compliments during family barbecues or drinks with friends. Unfortunately, not all gardens are blessed with the best drainage, and with our UK weather being so unpredictable, garden gatherings are perfectly acceptable to happen all throughout the year.
    If your garden suffers with drainage issues (perhaps an area of the lawn becomes water-logged very quickly), then we’re here to help with some solutions around how you can improve the drainage in your garden, keeping it looking fresh all year round. 

    Improving lawn drainage

    The good news is there are a couple of different ways that you can improve lawn drainage in your garden, and below we’ve provided some information on what these look like and how to install garden drainage. 

    Land drains

    If your lawn suffe
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  2. New Spray Paint Stencil Kit for Groundworkers

    New Spray Paint Stencil Kit for Groundworkers

    We've created a handy spray paint and stencil kit for anyone in the groundworks or construction industry. The kit includes 5 stencils and 6 cans of spray paint. You can choose the paint colours from a selection of Yellow, Red, Blue or White.  The stencils include Foul Drain, Storm Drain, Grey Water, S.V.P. and R.W.P. 

    Bespoke stencils can be created as required, please contact us to discuss the options. 

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  3. Video Watch a guided tour of our Midlands Depot

    Video Watch a guided tour of our Midlands Depot

    Watch our latest video in which Paul, our depot manager, gives a full guided tour of our midlands depot. Based in Berkswell near Coventry, this depot is our operations hub for the midlands, offering a rapid delivery service across the midlands and more. We hold good stocks of specialist groundworks products, including underground plastic drainage, ducting, surface water drainage and sewage treatment systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPR2FiQ-Eo  

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  4. Five ways to improve your underground drainage installation process with The SiteStak System

    Five ways to improve your underground drainage installation process with The SiteStak System

    Hundreds of groundworks and civil engineering companies across the United Kingdom have adopted a new and improved working method over the past three years. Most construction companies are always looking for things that save time or reduce waste (i.e. save money), or improve health and safety on-site by reducing risks.

    One of our most exciting products, The SiteStak System, does all of these things. As one of our customers put it, "SiteStak is one of those products you don't think you really need, but after having one, you wonder how you did without it!".

    1) Store your drainage materials in one organised system

    When underground drainage materials arrive on a building site, they are traditionally unloaded straight onto the muddy or dusty ground. Once you have cut the wooden banding on your packs of drainage pipes, t

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  5. What is surface water drainage and who is responsible?

    What is surface water drainage and who is responsible?
    Whether you’ve been having problems with surface water or perhaps you’ve bought a new property and want to know what’s what, this blog post aims to give you a good overview of what surface water drainage is and who is responsible for it. We’ve thrown in a few extra tips for good measure to make sure you know how to identify a surface water drainage system, how to keep your drainage solution in good working order, the differences between surface and foul water and the risks of not having the appropriate drainage. If you have any questions about surface water drainage that we’ve not covered, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team. 

    What is surface water drainage?

    We find the best place to start is right at the beginning. To understand surface water drainage, you’ll need to know precisely what you’re looking for. So, surface water, as you may have already guessed, is rainw
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  6. How to install a driveway drainage channel

    How to install a driveway drainage channel
    If you’re looking for some practical and helpful tips on how to install driveway drainage, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we look at why driveway drainage is needed and what sorts of drainage channel materials are available, alongside step-by-step instructions on how to install your own driveway drainage channel. Remember, if you have any questions or require further guidance on the products you’ll need, you can get in contact with our experienced team.

    Why are driveway drainage channels needed?

    Most driveways are constructed so that they have a very slight slope; this allows any surface water such as rain or melted snow to run off the main part of the driveway, so it doesn’t flood. Driveway drainage channels are sometimes needed when additional drainage is required to remove the surface water from your property. You may have noticed these sorts of drains before, they a
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  7. Visit our new website dedicated to roofing, balcony and floor drain outlets.

    Visit our new website dedicated to roofing, balcony and floor drain outlets.

    We've just launched an exciting new website! Since we bought the Frost brand and manufacturing several years ago, we have been reintroducing it to the market and reviving this proven system. We have refreshed the Frost branding, are in the process of changing the colour of the products and have now launched a completely new comprehensive website designed to simplify the selection and installation of roof and floor drains and balcony outlets. Visit the site at frostdrainage.com

    Architects have specified Frost drainage products for over fifty years in public, industrial and commercial buildings worldwide. The rainwater outlet products have been used on prestigious projects, including Wembley Stadium,

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  8. A mini guide to manhole covers: how to lift, fit and more

    A mini guide to manhole covers: how to lift, fit and more

    Manhole covers are used in order to provide access, but also to conceal and protect our underground drainage systems. The covers themselves are made of very durable materials, but even so, they need replacing every now and then. This post aims to talk you through all the keys things you need to know about manhole covers, including how to lift and fit, plus how much they weigh and what products we have available to help you successfully replace your manhole cover.  

    How to lift a manhole cover

    Manhole covers tend to be made out of concrete or cast iron, so it’s no surprise that they can be incredibly heavy. Depending on the type and state of the manhole cover may affect how you’re able to go about lifting it, so we’ll cover off intact and damaged manhole covers.

    How to lift a manhole cover that’s intact

    If you want to lift the cover by hand and it’s been there for some time, the first thing you’ll want to do is remove as much of the dirt, moss and

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  9. We're staying open!

    We're staying open!

    Following the governments announcement of a second lockdown starting on Thursday 5th November, we want to reassure our customers that we are remaining open. The governments' guidance includes that "Construction sites and manufacturing workplaces can remain open." so Drainfast will stay open to support our customers in the construction sector.

    We have stock available at our three depots, and our unique delivery model remains in place:

    • Order by 5 pm for next day delivery
    • Optional pre 10:30 am next day delivery
    • Free take-off service from your site drawings
    • Friendly, knowledgeable and fast customer service

    Since the early stages of the Covid-19 pandem

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  10. Order by 5 pm for next day delivery

    Raising the bar

    Here at Drainfast we've always been known for our fast delivery times. We're all about getting your drainage to you quickly.

    We've recently improved our service here at Drainfast. Our cut-off for orders used to be 3:30 pm. Now you can order until 5 pm for delivery the next business day.

    To achieve this level of service, we're starting early. Here's a video of our Alton depot from earlier this week.

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