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  1. Can you dig it? Yes you can! Shining a Light on the Humble Shovel

    Shovel by Courtney NashAny groundworker will know that even in these days of mechanical diggers, the humble shovel is still an invaluable tool for digging into the ground, moving earth and scooping up debris. 

    Part of the fabric of any building site, they are not an item that gets much attention – but at Drainfast we felt they deserved to shine.

    Humans have been moving earth since Neolithic times. Evidence of this comes from animal shoulder blade bones found at various archaeological sites with tell-tale wear-and-tear. They may have been attached to a wooden handle which of course has long since rotted away.

    Ancient Romans – with their knowledge of how to work metal and the desire to build – moved shovel design on to be more in keeping with what we use today. Metal and wood pro

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  2. Celebrating World Art Day with Manhole Covers

    Japanese manhole cover

    Everyone is familiar with manhole covers. An intrinsic part of the patchwork of every village, town and city, we played around and on them as children and recognise the distinctive sound of someone walking or driving over them.  But how often do we actually notice them? They are a frequently-overlooked part of the fabric of our environments, but on closer inspection, they have an inherent beauty all of their own.

    Perhaps here at Drainfast we notice them more than most due to the nature of our work but we can thoroughly recommend taking a look down at what is under your feet every day – you may find some unexpected surprises!


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