1. Sewers in the Movies!

    Sewers in the Movies!

    Movie professionals are always on the look-out for unusual places to film their scenes, so it’s no surprise that sewers around the world get picked – especially for horror films!

    Here’s a short list of some of our favourite sewer sightings on movie night.

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  2. New Puriton ‘Type A’ Range at Drainfast

    New Puriton ‘Type A’ Range at Drainfast

    The Puriton barrier pipe and fittings system from Radius has a new look, and is now available only from exclusively selected sellers. Drainfast is one of only 34 UK retailers able to deliver the full range of varying sizes and joints available from the manufacturer.

    Puriton is a ‘Type A’ barrier pipe system designed to assist in the safe distribution of drinking water through contaminated areas of land, giving you a polyethylene and aluminium barrier piping specifically made to keep all the good stuff in, while ensuring a limit on leaks to keep the nasty stuff out.

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  3. A Brief History of Drainage Pipes

    A Brief History of Drainage Pipes

    But not just drainage pipes! We’ll have a quick look at all sanitary use of pipes throughout history.

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  4. Cloacina, Roman Goddess of Sewers

    Cloacina, Roman Goddess of Sewers

    Her name was Cloacina which may come from the Latin word for purify (cloare) or for the Latin for sewer (cloaca).

    Cloacina ruled over the ‘Cloaca Maxima’, or The greatest Sewer, in the city of ancient Rome. The Cloaca Maxima was originally built as an open sewer and canal by the Etruscans probably around 600 BC.

    The Etruscan’s main purpose to this system was to drain local marshes to prevent flooding in addition to removing waste from th

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  5. Construction Project Managers : Infographic

    Construction Project Managers : Infographic

    Ever wondered what it took to be a Project Manager in the construction industry?

    Now you can see quickly with this infographic detailing the types of construction a PM might work in, an overview of the PM’s responsibilities and the types of skills and personality traits that might suit a Project Manager.

    On 22nd February 2017, Construction Enquirer reported that the “skills gulf” in the construction industry now meant that the industry needs to recruit over 400,000 people each year between now and 2021, to cope with predicted workloads.

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  6. 15 Useful Online Calculators You Should Know About

    15 Useful Online Calculators You Should Know About

    Were you paying attention in Maths class? No, me neither. Bookmark these brilliant online calculators to do the hard work for you.

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  7. How to Network in the Construction Industry

    How to Network in the Construction Industry

    For most of us, the thought of networking sends shivers down the spine. Few people are natural networkers, so for the majority it’s a skill we must learn if we wish to progress in business.


    Here are a few tips to get you started or to hone your existing networking skills.


    Once started, keep networking and building your connections. Gaining work through networking is a slow-burn method. So stick at it and it will really pay off.

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  8. Seven Steps to Problem Solving in the Construction Industry

    Seven Steps to Problem Solving in the Construction Industry

    “How do we fix this issue?” It’s a common worry, especially in the construction industry. How often do things actually go to plan? Not very often! Even with the assistance of modern technology we still find ourselves running blind, on the fly and under the cosh.


    There are few working arenas like construction that provide such a unique mixture of puzzle-solving, 3D thinking and urgency. But that’s okay, because you are the Ultimate Innovator and you have amazing problem solving skills.

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  9. What a Difference a Civil Engineer Made - Joseph Bazalgette

    What a Difference a Civil Engineer Made - Joseph Bazalgette

    During the reign of Queen Victoria, the poor state of health of the residents of London hit a new all-time high. A mounting problem of failing sewage systems, increased industrial waste and a lack of understanding of how disease was spread created epidemics of catastrophic proportions. Literally thousands were dying.

    The drinking water system and inadequate sewer system first created in the 17th Century was struggling to cope with the demands of an increasing population and the byproducts of the industrial revolution. Under ground, the drinking water, sewage water and the tidal pressure of the Thames intermingled with each other creating a deadly mixture of cross-contamination.

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  10. What 2017 Brings for the Construction Industry

    What 2017 Brings for the Construction Industry

    In the construction industry, a new year is an odd time. The weather and natural light are against us, sometimes the ground is frozen – or flooded. All the clients wanted their project completed by Christmas Eve and usually, the money pot had long run dry.

    But with the looming end of the year comes a few crumbs of comfort. Rebates from suppliers, goodwill gestures of hampers, wine and cards pour into the office reminding us what a productive year it has been and what good, reliable connections we have in the construction industry.

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