EUROSELFV+ Polymer Concrete Channel

EUROSELFV+ 100mm W x 95mm D Polymer Concrete

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EUROSELFV+ Polymer Concrete Channel

Overall height 95mm to collect rainwater in 1 metre long units. Optimized V-shape channel with self-cleaning effect especially designed for channel runs with no longitudinal slope.

Purpose: Perfect for public parks, pathways, recreational areas, busy walkways, squares and gardens, domestic driveways with slow moving lightweight traffic, small car parks with low tonnage traffic, recreational vehicles such as golf carts.

Loading Class C250.

Made from high quality polymer concrete.

Locking system for the grating consists of locking bars and screws available separately.

Sold without grating. 

Pick Your Grating/Slot

EUROSELFV+ Ductile Iron Slotted Grating 0.5m length B125 Load Class
EUROSELFV+ Galvanised Steel Slotted Grating 1m length A15 Load Class
EUROSELFV+ Galvanised Heelguard Mesh Grating 1m length B125 Load Class
EUROSELFV+ Single Slot Drain 1m length C250 Load Class
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